Cobot vision


« A collaborative AOI system ! »
Control and inspection tool for the Mechatronics

The objective of this solution is to assist this visual control by an expert system in collaboration with the operators. This is to focus the subject on atypical end-of-line controls. The cell is interoperable with its ecosystem and will allow the collection and sharing of information that can be used for diagnostic purposes and will enable root causes to be processed. .

This innovation is part of the industry of the future to meet many demands in the field of automatic inspection!



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Functions details

Details of vision functions :
– Code reading and data matrix
– OCR and OCV function
– Specific wirelight functions for cabling path
– Analysis of intruders on a board
– Color detection, filling, counting, … allowing the analysis of:
o SMT or through components
o Polarity and meaning
o Presence and filling of glue or resin
o Counting pins in connectors
o Standard or specific focus
o Conformal


Made in France Cobot vision

Helping control operators with “open cell”

Simplified programming to program different types of products, references ..

The robot permits with these 6 axes to have all angles of vu possible!

Ideal for controlling boxes, understanding, with important volumes

A solution adapted to small and medium series