Router Depaneling : A tool cuts the attachments points by milling without stress for the components.

The routing is the most appropriate industrial technology for separating PCBs attachments points at the end of the production.
Indeed, thanks to this process: components welding points close to the technical edge don’t suffer any stress that can damage them and generate quality problems over time.
Concerning quality level, the integrated suction system integrated around the tool and controlled by the Machin leaves no residue.

Increase productivity with automated depaneling!

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Functions details

  • Robot machining
  • Pilotage and assistance by vision
  • Progamming by teaching or CAD files
  • Small footprint
  • Traceability and automatic reading : Data matrix
  • Automatic loading of the program
  • Two simulation modes
  • Automatic tools changer
  • Vacuuming system, cutting speed and tool wear management
  • High precision
  • Generation of ISO cutting program and simulation
  • Great Value


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