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Découpe / miling STP Concept

The depaneling of PCBs, which processes?

Different processes exists:

  • PUNCHING: Cutting PCBs by stamping using a press.
  • V-SCORING: Separating PCBs with a disk.
  • THE MANUAL: Separation of the PCBs with clamp or manually.
  • MILLING: A tool cuts the attachments points by milling without stress for the components.

The milling is the most appropriate industrial technology for separating PCBs attachments points at the end of the production.
Indeed, thanks to this process: components welding points close to the technical edge don’t suffer any stress that can damage them and generate quality problems over time.
Concerning quality level, the integrated suction system integrated around the tool and controlled by the Machin leaves no residue.

Increase productivity with automated depaneling!



Inspection STP Concept

Inspection of complex electronic boards!

The complexity and density of today’s hardwired boards makes the use of inspection machines more and more essential …
Daily, on automatic assembly lines, operator inspect the quality of manufacture. But is it really a job for them?
Indeed, the rhythm of assembly lines have become too fast. The eyes are no longer sufficient for ultra-fine manufacturing processes on which we are now.

Fortunately, solutions exist!

STPConcept offers its solutions in ISP and AOI.




Why repair BGAs on site?

On-site BGA repair is now essential.

Despite quality assurance, or control measures, production defects are inevitable. Even the most modern production line can lead to mistakes.
It is becoming increasingly important to be able to replace enclosures of any type on boards assembled with maximum security, and with the lowest possible cost.

We can help you !




A unique solution for stocking and to identify stencils!

You wish:

  • Save time at the beginning of the manufacture
  • Follow your stencils evolution
  • Delete the cardboard packaging residues
  • Store all your stencils at the same place

E-STORAGE is THE solution