Research and development

The Research & Development :

« What is the best for our client ? »

This is the essential question that drives the whole team at STPConcept.
We create the most advanced systems and technologies continuously innovating in
order to offer the best workmanship and quality to exceed customer expectations.
In order to fit your needs, we develop strategies meanwhile we lead constant
thoughts concerning the industry market.

Our main R&D target :

  • Automatic Inspection ,
  • Automatized PCB Depaneling,
  • Connected storage…

We put in place innovative strategies to better respond to your evolving needs and, in the same time, we have a continual reflection on the transformation of the electronic industry.


The integrating of an assessment bureau in our company allows us to position ourselves in terms of research and development.
All the plans, the programming, the IT and the elements which compose your project are carefully studied by our development team.

Development of specialized machines

In order to offer you a follow-up from A to Z for all your projects and development requests, we also ensure the manufacturing of your systems internally.
Indeed, once the specifications and plans validated, we take care of the purchase of raw materials, cuts, and assembly.

All this in Bernin, in our workshop.