We speak your language: Your process is our expertise.

Based on our customer experience in the field of manufacturing and integration of electronic cards, STPConcept has structured its offer in automation.

The development of complete applications or technological bricks are deployed and adapted for your production environments.

Our technical and economic approach has been worked on to offer innovative solutions dedicated to the manufacture of small and medium series.

This offer has been built and above all expanded very quickly in close collaboration with the field and a strong increase in the skills of our employees.

We work to anticipate your needs, by conducting an important technological watch on the choice and recommendations of equipment and by integrating a logic of “standardisation” of applications.

For example

  • Robot / Cobot Vision
  • Robot / Cobot Screwing
  • Robot / Cobot Tester
  • Our mobile chassis and indexing systems

And going even further with :

  • Our own specific conveyors for electronic cards
  • An integrated linear motor XY table system
  • Our patented universal PCB holding tray
  • Our vision scanners

All these technological building blocks can be integrated, modulated differently according to each application.

This continuous research, these developments that we have carried out, build today much more than yesterday, our capacity of adaptation and our flexibility.

The flexibility and agility that French industry needs is a concrete thought at STPConcept.

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